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Tree Management in Swindon

Tree Preservation and Veteran Tree Management

When it comes to tree management you can never be too careful. Cotswold Tree Surgeons consider all potential outcomes before undertaking any work - the risk to residential, commercial or industrial properties - the safety precautions necessary for anybody involved - the impact on the environment and wildlife within the area - and more.

As the largest tree surgery company in Swindon, we lead by example in providing the safest tree surgery services in the area and the experience accumulated by our highly qualified staff helps us maintain our position as regional leaders in tree surgery and veteran tree management. We can provide tree management solutions factoring practicality and the surroundings to maintain trees to a better standard.

Veteran Tree Management

Veteran trees are generally considered to be 250 years or older and are regularly protected by tree preservation orders or are located in conservation areas. We manage and maintain well over 500 veteran trees in the areas of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, regularly working with our clients and local councils to provide the focused veteran tree management.

Give the Cotswold Tree Surgeons a call today on 01793 771742 and we'll discuss how we can help provide you with effective tree surgery and veteran tree management in Swindon, Wiltshire or Gloucestershire.

Identification for Tree Surgery

Your tree management strategy

The signs for healthy or unhealthy trees are always present, if you know what to look for. Our team of tree surgeons have the qualifications and experience in identifying various common and rare causes of tree degradation, leading to quick and decisive actions being taken by our team to limit further degradation and provide better a tree management strategy before it can become a danger to public areas and surrounding trees. Through providing expert tree maintenance in Wiltshire, we have managed to build up a reputation that is based on trust, hard work and determination.

Options for Tree Pruning in Swindon

If you feel your tree(s) are degrading, or are on the verge of becoming degraded then we highly recommend getting in touch with us today and we can offer you practical tree management advice after inspection and diagnosis. We have various tools and devices at our disposal to help us identify and potentially treat causes of decay and rot enabling us to provide you with suitable options for tree management in your area.

In many circumstances regular maintenance, through pruning and nurturing, can help curb or stop degradation setting in. Contact us today for tree pruning in Swindon.

For more information regarding tree maintenance in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, please contact us on 01793 771742.